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Bio-eco-scio regions coined in "The 9 Nations of North America," by Joel Garreau Cite (link to more info. click here)

Urgent attention is needed on issues that threaten the future of nature and human kind.


War is the worst pollution created by modern man.

 - Cherokee medicine man Rolling Thunder.

"Dispelling Four Common Bird Myths."

Student Producer: Elizabeth Meier-Austic - Documentarian

The Arts and Entertainment: Historic Jazz recordings

8 Laws of Change - Join in!

Interesting Basics on Human Behavior: Conformity and Obedience factors.

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U.N. Report: 1 Million Species at Risk of Extinction

May 06, 2019 -- 3 Articles


1 Million Species going away



2 Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth's natural life. The Guardian



3 Urgent threat to Nature. The Guardian

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970... threatens survival of civilization. - The Guardian 10.30.2018



Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN. - The Guardian 11.03.2018



One in eight bird species is threatened with extinction, global study finds environment - The Guardian 03.24.2018


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